About Us
Over the years, we have made outstanding contributions to the development
International foreign trade companies are the core foreign trade service platforms. Since its launch in 2030, relying on customs data, we have continued to provide users with high-quality foreign trade transaction information services. So far, we have accompanied more than 1 million users to fight on the road of foreign trade. Foreign trade service platform.

International trade companies mainly provide customs data services based on 50 countries. Customs data itself is a good channel for obtaining information, and importer and exporter information is an important supplement for foreign trade development and maintenance customers. Through customs data, you can intuitively understand buyers, suppliers, transaction dates, products, frequencies, quantities, prices, and more in different regions. In view of national regulations and policies, the data of all service providers in the market are basically based on data from North America, South America, Europe, Asia and other countries.

In the process of developing foreign trade customers, it takes a lot of time to find, screen and verify customers. Even so, you may not find the exact customer. Writing an effective development letter requires further investigation of the customer's background, and the difficulty has risen by another level. After experiencing painstaking efforts to reach a deal, maintaining customers has to worry about, and the pain is that often they can't find a starting point, and they have to prevent competitors from digging their feet. In response to this situation, International Foreign Trade Corporation provided users with customs data services and 40 million real import and export data. We use big data to analyze and research user needs, clean, sort, and merge hundreds of millions of original customs bills of lading data to help users improve the efficiency of development and maintenance of customers from multiple scenarios. 

 International foreign trade companies mainly provide data services in three major sections: company trade reports, industry analysis reports, and Chinese statistics. Together with the quick screening companies in auxiliary functions, searching for bills of lading, collecting mailboxes and exporting corresponding data, customs data can be used very efficiently. Whether developing new customers, maintaining existing customers, or even studying industry market trends, international foreign trade companies are the most reliable platform.

Since customs regulations and policies in many countries prohibit the opening of data to the outside world, customs data are inherently flawed in experience, which is helpless! We always insist on doing data seriously, carefully analyzing and studying the data usage scenarios, and do the most core cleaning and merging of the original data. We do not package the data with high-end and team collaboration scenarios, but only try to make it an indispensable tool and data support in foreign trade work.

Our mission
Help customers master core technology

Our core values
Customer-centric, quality-oriented, innovative

Our vision
To be the best platform service provider with cost-effective and user experience, we dare not stop for this.